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What to wear for your photo shoot – A guide to follow!

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Everyone wants to look good and in trend these days! Everyone has a keen sense of fashion to follow. Now when someone has to stand in front of a camera and look the best for a shoot, it becomes a whole different ballgame! Camera certainly makes one nervous who is already struggling to make those perfect outfit choices.

Don’t worry, this is NORMAL! But, looking good is definitely the goal and I’m here to help you out with certain simple yet workable tricks that will help you to dress better!


  • What to wear for your photo shoot – A guide to follow!Being comfortable in what you wear!

It is said that, “The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.” If you are not comfortable wearing it, the best outfit in the world will not do much justice to your style. The number one rule to follow is to wear something that you are comfortable with!

You can make it glamorous if that’s what you feel like, especially if you are celebrating an occasion that is special for you to remember.

The best mantra is to wear something that is tried and tested and in which you are completely comfortable.


  • Wear according to your surroundings!

The most important thing to remember always is to match your outfit as per your surroundings. Match the outfit to the location, to the time and the occasion you are wearing your outfit for.

Pick fabrics and textures that are easy to wear and which moves with you. Natural thread such as linen, cotton, or wool is amazing. Choose an outfit that gives you comfort and in which you feel relaxed. The idea behind a photo shoot is to capture the essence of the real you and the connection between you and your loved one. Without comfort, this simply won’t do!


What to wear for your photo shoot – A guide to follow!

  • Always keep back-up and multiple choices!

Pick two or three outfits that you feel fantastic in and we can switch with diverse combinations on the day. Providing alternatives helps me to ensure your outfits complement the surroundings and each other. I will certainly be able to help you out when you have choices. Choosing what really complements you and your partner will make a successful shoot.


  • Choose something that brings out your personality

It completely depends upon you, what side of your personality you want to shine through in the photo shoot. This is the reason why you should choose an outfit that defines your personality and shows the real you. I am here to capture all your personalities!


  • Choosing the color of the outfit

The rule of thumb is to always choose complementing colors for the outfit. Your outfit colors must be in sync with the environment you will be having your photo shoot in. Picking softer hues, complementary colors create a visual photograph. Choose color combinations that sit well and doesn’t distract from each other. You won’t go wrong with neutral colors which will give a softer tone.

For family shoots, always keep the color schemes limited to maximum of four colors and work the outfits accordingly.

When shooting with your partner, make sure you complement each other, not look the same or completely contrast each other. Complementary color outfits help to create a visual harmony and beautiful aesthetics in the photograph.


  • couples photography queenstownPatterns and prints!

Choosing outfits with bold, crazy patterns or prints can certainly be too much, which could certainly take away the focus from you in the photo. Remember that less is always more!

Try to avoid logos or writing as it can bring down the outfit and your photos. Keeping it light and tasteful will certainly do the job for you!


  • The art of accessorizing!

Avoid large pieces which are distracting and choose accessory that goes well with the outfit and adds glamour to your personality.

Make sure you have comfortable shoes to go with your outfit (grab an extra pair just in case). Lakeside location complements bare foot and mountain area complements beautiful boots. Always think about the context when choosing footwear for aesthetic appeal. Select shoes as per the outfit and the location to have that finishing touch.


  • Think about the props!

Go for subtle things that highlight your personality. Don’t overdo it, but use of simple props can take your picture to the next level. Choose something that goes well with you, your surroundings and helps tell the story of your connection with your loved one in a best way possible!

Always try to balance between elegance and ease. Do whatever to feel confident and gorgeous. With these simple tricks, your photo shoot is going to be amazing!


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