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Overnight tour in Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park

This is an amazing overnight photography tour in Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park. Touted as the most stunning destination in New Zealand, this particular area is endowed with a spectacular landscape composed of jagged, snow-capped mountain peaks, imposing waterfalls, sparkling fiords and lakes, as well as fascinating bright green vegetation. Milford Sound is without doubt the place to be for any photographer who is interested in New Zealand Landscape photography. It is no wonder then that this destination is one of my favourite destinations.

Your overnight tour begins in Queenstown from where we travel to Fiordland National Park to witness and photograph the flourishing wilderness. The journey to Milford Sound along this road is simply incredible. You will see all the exciting highlights along the way. An amazing alpine drive, with several viewing points and short walking opportunities – good for great photo shots.

We can make a brief stop at the Mirror Lake and if you are in luck, you might get a chance to enjoy the views of perfect reflections. You will also have a rare opportunity to interact with the native mountain parrots (kea) – Charismatic little birds that normally hang around the renowned Homer Tunnel. The Kea are mischievous by nature and enjoy visiting tourists to the entrances of the tunnel, a perfect opportunity to take the photo of these cheeky yet beautiful birds. The 1.2 km long road tunnel was carved by hand, through solid rock and took more than 20 years to complete.

This makes the Milford Road one of the best routes for Photo Tours in New Zealand. Indeed a visit to Milford Sound never disappoints, the area offers truly spectacular scenery of sheer cliffs, which has remained unchanged for centuries. There are several spots where we can make stops, along the route, and admire as well as take photos of the breath-taking scenery.

Milford Sound is arguably the most famous of all fiords in New Zealand, probably because it is the only one that is accessible by road. It is also one of the most photographed by New Zealand Landscape photographers. Stretching for about 16km from the fiord’s head to the open sea, it allows visitors to easily travel the entire length of the fiord, by boat, to the open sea.

Here, you will have an opportunity to experience a thrilling boat cruise on the Milford Sound. During the cruise, you will have a rare opportunity to see and take great shots of majestic waterfalls as well as some of the unique wildlife in the area, such as seals and dolphins. These are approximately 1.5 – 2 hour cruises.

You will also have enough time to soak in Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound’s stunning natural beauty. You will have numerous opportunities to take great photos of the heavenly scenery at sunset. We will also rise early the following morning to capture the rare sunrise photos of this awe-inspiring part of the world. Mitre Peak is one of the most fascinating attractions for photographers. The fiord’s steep cliffs inspire both awe and admiration. On the return leg to Queenstown, we may have an opportunity to explore Lake Marian, which takes about 3 hours return hike; another really amazing feature to experience and capture great shots of.

It is not without a good reason that Fiordland was declared one of the UNESCO Heritage Areas. Right from the soaring majesty of Milford Sound to the dazzling beauty of the Fiordland National Park, this area offers the most amazing scenery of New Zealand’s Landscapes. Of course one overnight tour will never be enough to appreciate all the rare attractions in the area, but I will ensure that you experience the best of them all in any of my Photo Tours.