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Lomond Crescent, Queenstown

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Saint Bathans & Moeraki Boulders overnight tour

This is a charming historic town in which so little has changed since the days of the gold rush. Around 1887, Saint Bathans is said to have been a vibrant town with about 2000 miners living around its vicinity. Some of the buildings from over a century ago still stand in the ghostly town, and so little has been added. This makes it very easy to imagine how the town looked like during the times of the gold rush.

The historic touch of the town makes it a photographer’s haven. The most famous building in the town is definitely the Vulcan Hotel, commonly referred to as the “Ghost Hotel” since it is believed to have a resident ghost. It is a place that sets one in journey back in time. I would fully recommend this for many aspects.

But perhaps the biggest photography attraction in Saint Bathans is the lake near the town; created when water filled the pit from which gold was mined. The lake’s most unique beauty is its water’s vivid blue colors, believed to result from minerals in the surrounding rocks an attribute that led to the lake being christened “the Blue Lake.” Above all, it is one of my favorite places for great photography workshops.

Heading over to the East coast of New Zealand you will discover the Moeraki Boulders which is a destination worth the visit. The incredible and uniquely shaped boulders exposed over time on the beach will leave you wondering how and where these appeared from. Almost from an era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. These Boulders along with the sweeping sandy beach provides the perfect landscape pictures captured by many photographers.