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Hi, my name is Aiste Vasileviciute (yes, if you can pronounce that correctly, I’ll give you a discounted photo deal!) and I am originally from the Baltic states, Lithuania in particular. I came to New Zealand to further my education but as so many do I found it impossible to leave. I feel like one of the most privileged and blessed individuals in the world, by being able to live my dream in this breath taking paradise on earth.
Meet Aiste

As a self-trained photographer with a degree in BA International Tourism & Business Management, I have over the years acquired a vast experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Having widely traveled across the world; I have lived in the UK for five years, spent several months in Spain and many more in Greece, just to mention but a few. But when I arrived in Queenstown for the first time, I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of belonging as I naturally fell in love with the raw beauty of New Zealand landscape.

The place had this extraordinary burst of energy, which is simply impossible to accurately capture in words. I immediately knew that my heart and soul had been permanently captured. It is at this point in my life that I started to truly develop a huge interest for photography as I took immense pleasure in the pristine beauty of nature during numerous photographic trips. When you see the sights the New Zealand has to offer, you do realise that you are in a place like no other.

I wanted to take my passion and forward this on to the many people who visit this wonderful country. Like so many people do they come to New Zealand and sadly miss the opportunity to see some of the spectacular regions out there. As I have based myself in Queenstown now since 2006, I have managed to explore many areas in the South Island. I love sharing the special experience with the visitors who come to see the stunning beauty of New Zealand landscape. I highly treasure any opportunity to show them the various interesting places in the Central Otago region as well as the rest of the amazing South Island.

Nothing can make you feel more alive than being outdoors and freely connecting with nature. It is an exceptional experience which will always lift your spirits, while photographing raw nature of beautiful landscape. If you are in love with capturing magical moments and freezing them in time, then such an experience being in wilderness, will leave you with fond memories. Every photographer’s greatest hope is that his or her photography journey will be able to inspire many other people through photographic messages, carrying a rare beauty that comes with tremendous inner peace and joy. Have you ever discovered that spending quality time in unspoiled nature can be a deeply rejuvenating and healing experience?

If you love landscape photography, you should count yourself very lucky to be able to pursue what you are truly passionate about. In the course of this wonderful journey, you come to learn so much about yourself. It is a roller coaster of self-discovery. Landscape photography makes one seek out beauty, which not only uplifts you whenever you capture a magical moment in a great image, but also enables you to relive the special moment.

Aiste Photography & Tours is an idea that was born out of my burning passion for photography and travel and it makes me feel driven to inspire others through it. You can also experience the same feeling of excitement, if you come with me in one of my photography tours or photo shoots.

Hopefully this website gives you a  flavor of who I am and the style of photographs that I love to take. If you like what you see and would like more information please get in touch using the contact page.

Thank you for visiting my site and I can’t wait to meet you!

– Aiste –

Meet Aiste