I have vast knowledge as well as experience of the local area, gained from many years of exploring the most attractive areas to photograph in and around Queenstown and South Island. I can take you to exceptional locations which are off the usual beaten track and can only be known by a local. Queenstown and Central Otago have the best to offer in terms of natural beauty and I am at hand to offer you an easy, fun, as well as enjoyable experience. Taking a guided photography tour will offer you an opportunity to capture splendid images and explore the best landscape locations. I ensure that all the hassles and quirks associated with travelling in a foreign country or unfamiliar territory are well taken care of. This includes finding the best accommodation, finest eating places and most fun activities. Taking away the burden of worrying about logistics enables you to fully relax and focus on having fun in your photography. Being a photography workshop, your sunrise plan schedules are already taken care of and you will not waste even a minute of your precious time wandering around to look for the best photography locations.


I can plan a tour according to your preferences and needs, right from photography, sightseeing or multi day trip, as well as camping and hiking. I operate a 4WD vehicle with a capacity of up to a maximum of four people. However, this doesn’t mean that I cannot organise tours for bigger groups if need be. I am very flexible in terms of adjusting to any time of the day, according to your needs. As for photography workshops, I can organise sunrise, sunset as well as astro photography shoots. This offers you a variety of options to make a choice from and I can always customise an itinerary that fits your budget. You are always free to ask any question if you need clarification.


I offer images taken of you during each tour. I take this and immediately process it for you to take home with you.


Most operators of such tours normally use mini-buses which can accommodate bigger groups. What this means is that you might not get a chance to enjoy the experience just like you are likely to when you are in a smaller and private entourage. Sometimes you might feel like doing your own thing while getting lots of individual assistance and advice. I will work hand in hand with you to produce a collection of exciting and unforgettable images. Travelling as a private group is without doubt more advantageous. You will get to experience the raw nature and splendor that New Zealand’s South Island offers, standing among the mountains, next to glacial rivers and lakes capturing the beauty in your photos.


Aiste Photography Tours is one of the most competitively priced businesses that you can find in the region.


I place great importance on your safety while you are travelling with me. I have completed a winter driving course. I am equipped with all the requisite legal credentials and licenses such the Transport Service License, P endorsement and the area knowledge certificate, which are the legal requirements for running this kind of business safely.


I am always ready to meet you in any part of central Queenstown or at your accommodation for a brief chat whereby we can discuss your preferences and all available options. You can then go ahead to make a decision on whether you are ready to join me on a photographic or adventure trip, or whether you need something else. Alternatively, I can give you a call so that we can discuss the details.